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Opus Magnum  Double Bass & Cello

Opus Magnum Double Bass & Cello


Opus Magnum Cello & Double Bass  Price is per box of 1 Endpin Decouplers - VAT & Shipping cost Excluded.


The product is made to order with an expected 15 working days lead time.


Opus Magnum is a decoupler for Cello and Double Bass designed to be able to completely isolate the instrument from the surface on which it is placed.
This intervention generates a distinct difference in the cleaning of the notes, making the sound of the instrument more defined.


The DMSD informs in advance, that in our sales policy is not contemplated any sending of material to be tested, but rather demos performed directly by specialized technical personnel, and that in case of reimbursement request, all shipping costs will be fully charged of the Customer.

Tecnical Specification

•    Aluminium "Aircraft grade"
•    260 gram weight  
•    diameter : 85 mm (3,4 inches) diameter
•    For Cello & Double Bass



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