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DMSD 60 - Decouplers

For Midfield & Main Monitors

DMSD 50 - Decouplers

For Nearfield Monitors
For Nearfield Monitors
For Nearfield Monitors

DMSD 60 + Sub Bundle


How highly do you place your listening experience within your Studio?

DMSD 60 - Decouplers

For Midfield & Main Monitors

DMSD Slender

For Nearfield - Midfield & Main Monitors
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New Product


Maximum efficiency of the Sound Image



Very easy to install should be applied under the speakers, in a minimum number of four


DMSD 50 for Nearfeald Monitors

up to 11 Kg

DMSD 60 for Midfield & Main Monitors from 12 to 180 kg



Italian High Design



The DMSD Decoupling System has been developed with both the Studio and HiFi user in mind to provide an effective, professional grade speaker decoupling solution.


Designed and manufactured in Naples, Italy by Dave Mastrodonato Studio Design, DMSD Decouplers are crafted using the highest quality aerospace grade materials, which have been carefully selected based upon Dave Mastrodonato’s prior two decades of industry experience. His ultimate aim, to create the most effective and versatile speaker decoupling solution on the market.


DMSD Decouplers unique construction significantly reduces sound energy transmission from speaker cabinet to supporting surfaces during audio playback. This has the effect of dramatically improving perceived low frequency precision and tightening the stereo image, therefore providing an aural representation truer to the speaker manufacturers intended design. 


Whether it be a critical listening environment or an audiophile’s home audio system, DMSD Decouplers revolutionise the way way audio is experienced, creating

“ A Different Vision of Sound "

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A Different Vision of Sound

Minimal Italian Design

Crafted using the highest quality aerospace grade materials

Treated with a galvanizing process, for maximum durability

Made with a special blend of anti-vibration rubbers with very high efficency

Colorful customizable interior 

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